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My philosophy...the more natural, the better.

I want to capture the REAL you in your headshot. The natural you. The way you look everyday. (Well, maybe not you on a 'lounging on the couch in your pajamas eating nachos and ice cream' kinda day...but you on a really good day.)

I take both outdoor shots using natural light, as well as indoor shots in my photography studio. And by being right on the Charles River, it's easy to find some wonderful photography locations outside, before moving indoors for a more dramatic look.

A typical photo session with me goes somewhat like this:

* You arrive at the studio with a ton of clothing options, and we lay eveything out so we can look and decide together what different looks you will wear.

* We sit and chat. Maybe have a cup of tea or coffee. I get to know you. Your personality, what type of looks you are going for, what type of roles you generally go in for (character, ingenue, leading man, stud, sex-pot, dancer...the list goes on and on....) and what you, and possibly your agent, are trying to get out of these photos. And no matter what type of look or personality trait you want to achieve in these pictures, I will continue to capture it in a natural way. Because I truly believe that the natural you, is the best you. (It's what the casting directors want to see anyways.)

* Hair and make-up is done...or not done. Depending on what you want.

* We go outside, and, you know...laugh, talk, and take some pics.

* We come back to the studio, turn on some music, and continue to dance, sing, and rock out while taking more pics.

* We are finished. The fun is done. I go through all the pictures, (deleting all the ones with your eyes closed and stuff) and I upload them onto a file and send them to you within about two or three days. You go though them and let me know which pics you want me to retouch. Boom...done.

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