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   photos by misha   

My name is Misha Shields, and I consider myself very lucky. I live in the fantastic city of Boston, and I am married to the most incredible man ever. I come from the theater and dance world...I am a professional theater choreographer and I am a lyricist in the BMI muical theater songwriting program. I also have a BFA in musical theater from The Boston Conservatory. Basically, I like to create stuff.  Make something where there was nothing.


The first day I picked up a camera, I knew photography was something I wanted to add into to my life. I couldn't put the camera down, and I had to, had to, had to learn everthing I could about photography right away. It was a new art form that I wanted to master.


I love the way a picture can capture a moment in life. Yeah, landscapes are cool, but what I find exciting are people, movement, and expression. My true passion is storytelling, and every picture, whether it be a headshot, a frozen dance shot, or a wedding pic, has a different story to tell. It's inspiring and beautiful. And I am a grateful person to have a job where I can capture those stories, save them, and share them.

My studio is right on the Charles River.  The multiple piers and parks provide a variety of incredible backdrops for outdoor shoots. Not to mention the beautiful Boston skyline!  I never do the same thing twice outside....too many options. And the photography studio is great for indoor shots. The lighting equipment and backdrops give off a completely different look, which is a nice contrast to the outdoor stuff.


I feel that everything in life comes full circle. My theater background has helped me understand what an actor needs in a headshot, and my choreography and dance background has helped me have an eye for composition to create the perfect shot, whether it be for a wedding, party, or family photo shoot.


All in all, I love what I do. I get to play and create all day long. I am lucky...really, really lucky.

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